About Massar

Welcome to the website of the Massar family.

Internet Presence

The Massar domains are used by members of the Massar family to provide an Internet Presence consisting of their websites, email, jabber, VoIP, calendaring tools, image galleries, file sharing and other Internet related services.

The Massar domains are:

🌐Massars' Networkmassars.net
🇺🇸United States of Americamassar.us

The primary domain is massar.ch.

All of the services are self-hosted on private colocated hardware and thus fully under our control and supervision.


The primary contact for our Internet presence is Jeroen Massar. He is reachable as jeroen@massar.ch.


In case of abuse related to any of our Massar Internet presence, do not hesitate to contact us including full logs with timestamps at abuse@massar.ch thus ensuring a swift resolution.


The logo used for Massar (مسار) is the English word "path" or "track" translated to and written in Arabic where it is pronounced "Massar".

Various Arabic institutions and companies use the word "path"/"track" and thus "Massar" to indicate that they are paving a road forward, hence their use of our family name which might have originated centuries ago from these parts.

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